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Tropical Metal Products Limited

A Family Owned & Family - Managed Industrial Enterprise

Tropical Metal Products (TMP) was founded over 55 years ago on October 1, 1968, by Mr. & Mrs. Easton and Isolin McKinley. TMP is a family-owned and family-managed industrial enterprise. 

Today, TMP has grown into one of Jamaica’s largest roofing supplies producers and distributors.

We serve thousands of customers with the same commitment, professionalism, and highest quality products and warm customer service that Easton and Isolin founded our company with in 1968.

Our History

From working out of our carport at home to a 55,000 sq ft. building

The McKinley family hail from Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth. Easton and Isolin came to Kingston as youngsters during the 1950s to further their education.

After eleven years of working with ALCAN-Sprostons, Easton decided to start his own business. He purchased second-hand equipment and began cutting sheet metal into roofing accessories such as flashing, capping, and gutters.

With the help of his extended family, Easton sourced and purchased land on which to build a factory. They bought one lot of land in Riverton City, the company’s current location, and constructed a 4,000 sq. ft. building and began operation on the 1st of October 1968, employing 3 workers at which time TMP became a reality.

Prior to this, the couple worked out of their carport at home with a bending machine, and lock former which was bought secondhand, making flashing, capping, gutters, and jalousie window blades for the construction industry.

In the late 70s when many Jamaicans were emigrating the McKinleys were busy buying lots adjoining the factory and expanding the business.

TMP now occupies an office space of approximately 55,000 sq. ft. extended to both sides of the road.

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Founders' Journey To Kingston

In the early 1950’s both Easton and Isolin Mckinley journeyed to Kingston to further their education


Easton Starts Cutting Sheet Metal

Easton started his own business cutting sheet metal into roofing accessories using second-hand equipment after 11 years of working with ALCAN-Sprostons.


Tropical Metal Products Started

Easton and Isolin Mckinley started operations on October 1, 1968, at Riverton City in a 4,000 sq. ft building.


Tropical Metal Expands Operations

During the 1970s the Mckinleys focused on buying lots adjoining the to increase to the 55,000 sq. ft. building we occupy. 


Launch of Online Platform

February 2023 we launch our online platform that serves you 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

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Our Promise To Serve You Better

Our vision statement is the long-term value we provide to you. Our mission is our daily commitment to serve you better which will help us achieve our vision.


To produce and deliver roofing solutions, windows, lumber, and doors at the highest level of professionalism to ensure the satisfaction of our customers island-wide.


Daily commitment to delivering the highest quality products and services in the shortest time while always practicing honesty, integrity, and fairness in our relationship with our customers, employees, and competitors.

Tropical Metal Products Jamaica Roofing Supplier
Message from our CEO

TMP will continue to produce Industry-leading products and customer service.

That's our commitment to you

At Tropical Metal Products, you, our customers, are most important to us as you are the reason we’ve existed since 1968.

It is essential that we know and understand your needs. This helps us to upgrade our products, improve our services, and introduce new ones to serve you better each day.

We aim to satisfy a growing new market to remain relevant and continue to grow.

The Tropical Metal team remains committed to serving you better!

John Mckinley

CEO - Tropical Metal Products Jamaica Limited

John Mckinley