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Tropical Metal Products Jamaica Limited is making it easy for customers living in the USA, UK, Canada, and the rest of the world to shop with us without a middleman. 

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Now that you can shop directly from Tropical Metal Products (TMP) from overseas it means that:

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To start shopping from TMP from the comfort of your overseas home just follow the following steps:

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For over 55 years Tropical Metal Products (TMP) has been serving Jamaicans high-quality roofing supplies, lumber, doors, and windows.

Today, TMP has an offer that was designed to help our loyal customers SAVE.

Save 7.5% on your first online order

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Discount Do's and Don'ts

Discount codes do not apply for use on delivery of your order or on lumber. 

Discount codes are only valid for use ONCE.

Discount codes are only valid when shopping and checking out online and do not apply to orders made at any physical Tropical Metal Products location.

Discount codes are only available for first-time shoppers. For repeat, loyal customers and large or special orders you may qualify for other discounts.

You may qualify for other discounts depending on the size of your order, how long you’ve been shopping with TMP, and other conditions.

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