How To Buy Roofing Supplies, Doors, Windows & Lumber Online In Jamaica With Delivery at Tropical Metal Products

How To Buy Roofing Supplies, Doors, Windows & Lumber Online In Jamaica With Delivery at Tropical Metal Products
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Introduction – How To Buy Roofing Supplies, Doors, Windows & Lumber Online In Jamaica With Delivery at Tropical Metal Products

In this post, we are going to teach you everything you need to know to buy products like roofing supplies, lumber, doors, and windows completely online at TMP (Tropical Metal Products Jamaica Limited).

We are also going to teach you how to get free delivery, islandwide delivery to your desired location, and how to pay via bank wire transfer or checkout securely online when paying with a credit or debit card.

Let us get started!

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Step 1 – Visit Our Online Store

To begin shopping go to our online shop by clicking this link to start shopping

How To Buy Roofing Supplies, Doors, Windows &  Lumber Online In Jamaica With Delivery at  Tropical Metal Products

Step 2 – Search For Your Products

Search for any product you might need using the search feature or by scrolling through the different pages and categories of our online store

how to buy roofing materials online in jamaica

Step 3 – Add Your Desired Product To Your Cart

Click add to cart to add items you need to your cart. For now, we will add only one of each item we want to purchase to our cart item. We will set the quantity needed at a later date

Step 4 – Repeat Steps 2 and 3 To Add All Items To Your Cart

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have added all the items you want to your cart. You can check the items in your cart anytime by clicking the cart icon and the total value of the items in your cart will always be displayed.

Step 5 – How To View The Items In Your Cart

When you have added all the different products you need to your cart you may view your cart by clicking the cart icon or viewing cart.

Step 6 – Set The Quantity For Each Product You Need

On the cart page set the quantity you need for each item by selecting the quantity field and typing the amount of each item you need. click update cart when you are done

roofing suppliers kingston, Jamaica

Step 7 – How To Enter Your Discount Code and Save 7.5%

Enter coupons or discount codes using the coupon field. New online customers get 7.5% off their first online order. Sign up here to save 7.5% today!

save 7.5% at Tropical Metal Products Jamaica Limited TMP

Step 8 – TMP Delivery Options – Pick Up or Let Us Deliver To You Island Wide

You can select the parish for delivery by selecting the shipping field and entering your address.

Please note that the prices for delivery to each parish are the highest delivery fees for each parish and are subject to a reduction depending on your location.

Reductions will take place when our sales team calls to confirm your order

Step 9 – How To Get Free Delivery For Your Order

Free delivery can be selected when you select in-store pickup as your delivery option.

This means that you will be responsible for picking up your order from the Tropical Metal Products showroom in Kingston.

how to get free delivery or island-wide delivery from Tropical Metal Products TMP

Step 10 – Proceed To Checkout

Proceed to checkout after setting the quantity for each item, adding your coupon or discount code, and selecting your favored shipping option, and you are ready to checkout.

Step 11 – Enter Your Billing and Shipping Details

On the checkout screen enter your billing details.

If you are delivering to a location that is different from your billing address then select ship to a different address and enter this address into the fields presented

Step 12 – Get Future Discounts, Sales, and News Delivered To Your Inbox

Be sure to check the ‘subscribe to our newsletter‘ checkbox to ensure you never miss a discount, new product, sale, news, or helpful tip from our team

how to order online at Tropical Metal Products Jamaica Limited TMP

Step 13 – Checkout by Direct Bank/Wire Transfer

To checkout by transferring the money to our bank account select the Direct Bank transfer option on the checkout page.

Our sales staff will contact you with the account details in the order confirmation step

how to pay by wire transfer at Tropical Metal Products TMP

Step 14 – Checkout By Secured Online Payments

To checkout by paying online select Credit/Debit Card.

Enter your card details as they are presented on your card.

how to pay securely online with credit/debit card at Tropical Metal Products Jamaica Limited

Step 14.1 – How We Protect Your Online Payments

Please note that we do not bill your card for your order until after our sales team confirms your order.

We also do not store your card or card information on our website and we do not process payments on our website.

We use a reputable and secure third-party payment processor trusted by Sandals, Digicel, and Price Smart, to process transactions and keep you safe.

Tropical Metal Products Jamaica Limited secure online payments

Additionally, all transactions are encrypted by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to keep your data private and safe from hackers.

Our website is also monitored 24/7 by a 24/7 website security team who use the power of world-leading website security experts and artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor and protect your website.

Digital Pyxi is a partner of global website security giant Sucuri which is owned by GoDaddy, one of the biggest web services solutions providers in the world.

Step 15 – Complete Your Order and Submit It For Review By Our Sales Team

When you are ready to submit your order click checkout.

Please remember that even if you selected Debit/Credit Card to pay online we will not bill your card until our sales team calls and confirms your order. This is done to protect you in the event of fraud.

Step 16 – Our Sales Team Will Confirm Your Order and Begin Payment Processing

After you’ve submitted your order on the checkout page our sales team will contact you shortly after to confirm your order and begin processing payments.

It is at this stage that you may be able to get a reduction in your delivery fees based on the location of your delivery.

You will also be given the banking details for checkout via wire transfer if you selected that payment option at checkout.

This will take place after you confirm that your order is indeed what you wanted. Again, this is done to reduce fraud and protect you our valued customers. 

Step 17 – Production Of Your Order Will Begin

Production and delivery of your order will now take place.

You will be updated by our sales team when your order is ready for delivery or pickup.

Step 18 – Get Updates On The Progress Of Your Order

Contact us to get updates and learn more.

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