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6 Website Security Measures We Use To Protect You When You Shop Online at TMP

6 Website Security Measures We Use To Protect You When You Shop Online at TMP
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In Jamaica, there is justified fear and skepticism around making online purchases. 

With a slew of news and controversy about scams, money going missing from banks, and everything in between there is no wonder potential online shoppers are fearful and are second-guessing their decision to enter their credit card information online even for products they really need.

And who wouldn’t be skeptical or have second thoughts when faced with this decision?

At Tropical Metal Products (TMP) we do not take our customers’ security and protection lightly when they shop with us online or offline.

That is why we have spared no costs and invested heavily in providing the most secure online platform available with a suite of world-leading website security experts, software, technology including Artificial Intelligence-powered means, and measures that will give you complete protection when you shop online at TMP.

Here are 6 website security measures we use to protect you when you shop online at Tropical Metal Products (TMP).

Security Measure 1. We Do Not Process Your Payment Transaction

One of the most effective strategies we use to protect you when you shop online at Tropical Metal Products is that we do not process your credit card on our servers.

Instead, we use the services of an established payment process with decades of experience in handling online payments for major companies like Digicel and Sandals Resorts.

The way that this influences your online security is that when you decide to make a purchase on our website you can be certain that you are being protected by decades of experience in secure online transactions.

This can be similar to using an online payment processor with the staff, technology, and experience of a multi-million dollar corporation dedicated to safe online payments like PayPal to process transactions.

We only list the products you want to buy but when the time comes to handle payments and complete your order you would have the services of an expert and reputable service provider to handle that critical information.

It is similar to when you visit our showroom to make a purchase and we use the credit/debit card processing machine from NCB to process your credit/debit card to take payments for your order. In this instance, we have the products that you need but when it comes to handling the payment for these products we leave the process in the hands of a trusted expert like NCB.

The only difference is that instead of using Paypal, which is not currently available for integration with local banks, we use First Atlantic Commerce as our online payment processor, and it is not an in-store purchase but a secure online purchase.

You can learn more about the clients First Atlantic Commerce has been handling online payments for the past decades by visiting here.

This is just one of the security measures we use to protect you on our website.

Keep reading to learn more about the security measures we have put in place to protect you.

Security Measure 2. Secure Socket Layer Certificate – SSL Certificate

Did we say SSL?

Yes, but not the much-maligned financial agency that gives us and Usain Bolt nightmares.

Instead, we are talking about a website security technology that encrypts data that you send so hackers can’t get to it.

Really simply you can think of it like sending a message from your cellphone to your friend but instead of the message flying on the digital highway to your friend without any protection our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate will encrypt your message before sending it across a secure highway to your friend.

By doing this it is protected from hackers who might want to intercept your message before it arrives to your friend.

The only difference is that you are not sending a message but a request with critical information like your name, address, and credit card information. You are also not sending it to your friend but to our payment processor who will then use the information to process your transaction.

You can watch this video below to learn more about how SSL certificates protect you

Security Measure 3. Artificial Intelligence

Recently, there has been much rave and fanfare about AI advancements like Chat GPT3 and Chat GPT4 but did you know that we use Artificial Intelligence to monitor our website 24/7 and protect our valued online shoppers?

In fact, 24/7 AI monitoring forms the core of our website security strategy because AI can do a lot more than a human can in far less time with far greater efficiency.

That means extremely reliable website security for you.

We use AI to monitor our website for suspicious activities from IP addresses (the web addresses of website visitors) with a history of malicious behavior. At times, we might even block these IP addresses from accessing our website altogether.

This means we potentially block access to our site for bad traffic, spam, bots, malware, and hackers before they even get the chance to visit our website to cause trouble to you and us.

How To Order Online At Tropical Metal Products

We also use AI to monitor our website for vulnerabilities, security holes, malware, blacklisting, and even spam to ensure that you get access to the safest and most trustworthy online platform available.

Security Measure 4. 24/7 Website Security Monitoring

Our website at Tropical Metal Products Jamaica (TMP), in addition to being monitored 24/7 by Artificial Intelligence (AI), is also monitored 24/7 by a team of expert website security specialists.

These experts monitor our website for threats such as malware, hackers, and other unscrupulous web-based activities that have the potential to harm our users while they use our platform.

Our website security team is provided by the same team that provides the AI that monitors our website, Digital Pyxi, through their partnership with global website security giants Sucuri.

Security Measure 5. We don’t store your card information

All card information entered at Tropical Metal Products Online to complete online orders will not be stored on our servers or by our system in any way.

But, how does this protect you?

Well, it’s really very simple: hackers and cybercriminals can’t steal your data from us if we don’t store it, to begin with.

In this day and age where there are numerous data breaches for giants like Facebook and Yahoo, we make it a focal point of our website security strategy to protect you from any mishaps by not storing any critical customer information like your card number and banking information.

It does mean that every time you buy roofing supplies online from Tropical Metal Products you will have to enter your credit/debit card details but it also means that your credit/debit card can only be used by you when you want to make a purchase.

That gives you peace of mind knowing that your data is safe with us.

Security Measure 6. We Don’t Bill Your Card Until Your Order Is Confirmed By Our Sales Team

Learn how to order Roofing Supplies, Windows, Doors, and Lumber online at Tropical Metal Products here.

Another security feature we have added to our website to protect you when you shop online with us is that we don’t take the payment for your order from your credit/debit card until a sales agent calls and confirms your order.

The reason that we do this is very simple: we want to ensure that you never have a bad experience when you shop online with us.

After you place your order by hitting the checkout button on the checkout page and are shown the page that says ‘Order Complete’ you will have successfully placed your order.

Our in-house sales team will receive a notification about your order and use the contact information you entered to contact you and confirm your order.

If there are any mistakes then changes will be made at this stage.

When your order is confirmed to be exactly what you need then our sales team will proceed with accepting the funds to be transferred from your bank account.

Production on your order will then begin and we will deliver your order to your selected delivery location if you selected one of our island-wide delivery options at Checkout.


6 Website Security Measures We Use To Protect You When You Shop Online at TMP

We have just looked at 6 website security measures we use to protect you when you shop online at Tropical Metal Products (TMP).

Do you think we missed anything?

Is there something that we could do better or if done differently would protect you, our valued customers, even more?

If so, please feel free to tell us below in the comment section. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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